An original piece that is too valuable to make available to the public may be printed and bound as a strictly limited edition facsimile. Special attention is paid to the exact reproduction of the valuable documents that are being manufactured in every detail according to the original craftsmanship of the time.


The printed pages, which are made exclusively by highly reputable printers, are being worked on, folded and partly hand cut by us individually. Centuries-old binding techniques and tools may be used for this purpose; however, if required, also modern techniques can be applied.

Furthermore, only selected material that has gone through various aging tests is used. Facsimile parts may be hand dyed, embossed or embellished with various fittings – just like the original, with fittings and clasps also being manufactured like the original.

These books are thus testament to the craftsmanship of their time and are highly valued pieces, published in strictly limited editions.