About us

Our artistic and creative family business was established in 2007 near Tobelbad, south of Graz, Austria. We specialise in the restoration of written cultural assets as well as in crafting new, unusual bookbinding products as well as facsimiles. With our professional and dedicated team, we fulfil even the most unusual request and are always ready for new challenges.

Throughout her studies of art history, Gudrit specialized in the restoration of books and paper. She trained in several bookbinding and restoration workshops throughout her studies, completed restoration trainings at the Centro de bel libro in Ascona (Switzerland) and gained profound expertise in this area. After completed her MA in Art History, she completed a bookbinding apprenticeship and became a master bookbinder.
In addition to giving lectures, she has been teaching the specialist subjects for young bookbinders at the School of Vocational Training in Graz and also acts as an examiner for the master bookbinders’ examination.


Wolfgang has been involved in the art of bookbinding and restoring for quite some time. He first completed an apprenticeship in metal engineering; later, he completed a MSc in Environmental Engineering and added a bookbinding apprenticeship.
Having been originally trained in metal engineering, he fucsed on the role of metals in restoration and also completed a restoration training at the Centro de bel libro in Ascona ( Switzerland ). The ancient techniques in metalwork and engraving have always fascinated him – Wolfgang, inter alia, replicates antique fittings and clasps of books, cassettes or boxes true to the century old originals.