We work in our atelier according to the highest international standards and can therefore guarantee a gentle, value-preserving and professional treatment of an object. It does not matter whether it is a book, document, deed, plan, seal or any other form of written material.

Of course, simple repairs, e.g. of your favourite book, children’s book or cookery book, are also carried out. We are happy to be of service and to advise further.



Our main focus lies on the restoration of antique books, papers, documents and maps. Furthermore, we do not only repair, for example, old bibles, but also e.g. cookbooks and contemporary books that were overly exposed to wear and tear.

The task of a book restorer is to stabilise the book or its still existing parts and to preserve it corresponding to the original for years to come. Special care is taken to preserve the originality of the work and to reposition all existing parts and fragments in their original place. Restoration does not mean “making new again” and thus differs from repair. Patient precision work is required to put together elements that have been separated, for example, by careless handling and storage or damaged by infestation by microorganisms, harmful insects or small rodents. Materials and techniques as well as methods typical of the time are used, and only reversible adhesives and acid-free materials are used.

Upon request, we supply a restoration report and /or digital photo documentation. Additionally, each book restored comes with an acid- free slip case if requested, to protect the precious item against further damage.